a documentary film by Peter Stephan Jungk

When she wasn’t working as a Soviet agent, she was taking photos of Vienna’s and London’s workers and street children, of poverty and social deprivation.

Being a secret agent doesn’t seem to have come naturally to the photographer Edith Tudor-Hart (born Edith Suschitzky in 1908, in Vienna, died 1973 in Brighton).

She recruited Kim Philby, and was one of the architects of the Cambridge Five, the Soviet Union’s most successful spy ring in Great Britain.

Edith was Jungk’s great aunt, his mother’s cousin; the writer/film maker tries to unravel the truth about his aunt’s life, in Austria, Great Britain and Russia .

A documentary about the renowned photographer, about a spy with a conscience and hidden secrets in a family.

"I watched this compelling film with fascination. An amazing quest – and very timely." Michael Haneke

Awards & Nominations: Gershon Klein Preis for "Best Director Documentary" at the Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburng (JFBB) & Honorable Mention at the Vukovar Film Festival

The film's next international screenings will take place at the New York Jewish Film Festival on Monday, January 22 2018 at 3.30pm and at 8.30pm,

followed by a screening at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London, on Tuesday, January 30 at 7pm

and at the San Diego Jewish Film Festival (SDJFF) in the USA on Sunday, February 11 2018 and Wednesday, February 14 2018.


Interview partner

Interview partner

Interview Partners for Tracking Edith

  • Paul Broda, Son of Physicist Engelbert Broda, Biochemist, Edinburgh
  • Valeri Chepelev, Vice Director of Comintern, Moscow
  • Julia Donat, Edith’s Niece, Daughter of Wolf Suschitzky, Artistic Director, Norwich
  • Misha Donat, Edith’s Nephew, Son of Wolf Suschitzky, Music Historian, London
  • Duncan Forbes, Photo Historian & Curator
  • Barbara Honigmann, Writer, daughter of Lizzy Friedmann, Kim Philby’s First Wife
  • Vlad Ketkovich, our translator in Moscow
  • Anna Kim, Writer, Vienna
  • Barry McLoughlin, Historian , Vienna
  • Felix De Mendelssohn, Psychoanalyst , Vienna
  • Igor Prelin, Ex-KGB-Officer In Moscow
  • Irina Scherbakova, Director of the NGO ‘Memorial’, In Moscow
  • Kitty Schmidt Löw-Beer, Psychoanalyst , Vienna
  • Peter Suschitzky, Edith’s Nephew, Son of Wolf Suschitzky, Cameraman & Photographer, London
  • Wolf Suschitzky Brother of Edith, Cameraman & Photographer, London
  • Wolfgang Thöner, Photo Historian, Bauhaus Dessau
  • Julian Tudor-Hart, Son of Alexander Tudor-Hart from his first marriage, Retired Medical Practitioner, Wales
  • Alexander Vassiliev, Ex-KGB-Officer, London
  • Nigel West, Military- and Secret Service Historian, Canterbury, GB


Peter Stephan Jungk

Peter Stephan Jungk

Peter Stephan Jungk, the Director & Writer

The prolific novelist, essayist, documentary film maker and screenwriter was born in the United States and raised in Austria and Germany.
He studied screenwriting at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.
Several of Jungk’s books have been published in the US and in Great Britain – his novel The Perfect American, a dramatic portrayal of Walt Disney’s last months, was turned into an opera by Philip Glass and premiered in 2013.

"Tracking Edith" is based on Jungk's biography of his great aunt, published as "Die Dunkelkammern der Edith Tudor-Hart" by S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt in 2015.


The Producer Lillian Birnbaum

born in New York City, raised in Vienna, Austria.
In 2010 she founded the production company peartree entertainment in Vienna with an office in Paris. peartree’s goal is to create film and TV projects that are stimulating and entertaining for mind and soul. Lillian develops and packages the projects and seeks global financing to bring them to the screen. Several international projects are in development.
Between 1997 and 2009, Lillian was the closest collaborator of film producer and multiple Oscar winner Arthur Cohn.
Lillian executive produced award winning films, including
Central Station by Walter Salles in 1998, which won the Golden Bear in Berlin, 
One Day In September by Kevin MacDonald which won the Oscar in 2000 for Best Documentary,
The Children of Huang Shi directed by Roger Spottiswoode, 
The Yellow Handkerchief, 2008, directed by Udayan Prasad, starring William Hurt, Eddie Redmayne and Kristen Stewart. 


Technical Data

Technical Data


A 2016, 92 min, 16:9, DCP, German, English, Russian, French with English Subtitles

Directed by Peter Stephan Jungk
Written by Peter Stephan Jungk
Cinematography Jerzy Palacz
Editing Bettina Mazakarini

Music Score Rupert Huber

Animation Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm

Producer Lillian Birnbaum
Co-producer Roland Hablesreiter
Production company peartree-entertainment GmbH
in collaboration with Transmitter Film

Supported by Austrian film Institute, ORF, The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism


Contact: Production Company & Sales
Fleischmarkt 16
1010 Wien, Austria
tel .+33 607797982 / +43 660 706 9817


Distributor USA

First Run Features 
The Film Center Building
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1213
New York, NY 10036
tel: +1 212 243 06 00
fax: +1 212 989 7649